Your Life is a Science Experiment for Your Soul

Your Life is a Science Experiment for Your Soul

Your Life is a Science Experiment for Your Soul

Earth is our lab, my friends. Whatever “chemicals” we came to the planet with are what we get to experiment with.

We have an innate and elaborate collection of astrological components, genetics, feelings/emotions, highly intelligent body cells, intellectual matter, communication styles, breathing patterns, unique gestures, unique names, unique ideas, etc. The beauty of life is that we get to integrate these components to form new and evolving outcomes based on what we were given.For example – when I combine the ingredients of: free time, on a summer day, in my home city, with a pain free healthy body, a steady income, a fun mind-set, access to transportation, a closet full of summer clothes, in a happy and joyous mood, and a great network of friendships – I may choose to wear my favorite dress and hit up a park for a picnic with particular people I enjoy spending time with.Now if we were to change ONE ingredient – such as how my body feels – perhaps I have a big pain in my lower back. Well – now this changes the outcome of my entire day. What was once going to be an afternoon in the sun with some sweet souls – may now become an afternoon of lying in bed, or applying some yoga movements in an attempt to loosen my tight muscles – all indoors and without companionship.

The outcome of every feeling, every conversation, every moment is dependant on these ingredients. Now – say I attended the picnic and one of my friends brought along a travel agent friend who happened to be selling a discounted flight to my dream destination – Kingston, Jamaica. Imagine what I would have missed out on – if I had spent the last 6 months searching for this affordable flight! Not to mention not hearing the birds chirp, touching the grass with my bare feet, or receiving hugs or engaging in healing laughter.So what is the point? The point is – we all are equipped with a large capacity of varying ingredients to get us one step closer to what we want – but if we are not open and aware of such things – then we are going through life oblivious to our resources that can assist us in our own growth and manifestations.

Becoming aware of your resources can get you further in life than you ever imagined – here are some awakenings of my own kind that have lead to my own personal development:

– Learning I am born generous to a fault with a birthday in Leo and rising star in Pisces

– Learning through Psychosomatic Therapy that I am overly nurturing and even smothering at times – not paying attention to my own needs as I get so caught up in an attempt to help others.

– Learning that winters in Canada are not conducive to my well-being giving the birth of a newly evolving desire to move to a warmer climate eventually

– Learning that I have a gift of connecting authentically, intimately and deeply with all members of the human race and now I can use this to empower, teach and heal others using my modalities.

– Learning that I respond better to sleep between the hours of 10pm-6am than between 9pm-5am.

– Learning that when I consume milk products I am not as outgoing and friendly due to an immediate discomfort in my gut.

– Learning that I have a tendency to get extremely overexcited in the moment and want to complete all projects now – rather than giving them time to grow organically.All these types of realizations have not only impacted how I am running my business, but also assist me in making day to day decisions that will allow me to grow into a place of total alignment and a happier state of being. Here are some ways you can develop a better understanding of yourself:

Hire a Life Coach

Buy the book “The Artists’ Way” by Julia Cameron and go through the 12 week process of writing morning pages

  • Attend self-development workshops
  • Log your food intake
  • Write a daily journal based on how you feel
  • Hire a personal trainer
  • Take an allergy test
  • Try using natural beauty products
  • Go see an astrologist
  • Meditate
  • Get a reiki session
  • See me for emotional release therapy
  • Notice trends in relationships you have with males, and females.
  • Pay attention to which clothes, jewelry, etc. makes you feel the best.
  • Are there particular colours you tend towards? What chakras correspond with these colours?

These are just some ideas. Keep in mind that every thought, word, feeling and energy you put out to the universe will dictate how things unfold next.

Check in with yourself! I hope this blog was able to give you some insight on all the aspects of your world that are influencing you and that you may be able to calibrate for your betterment.

In love always!


Noreen Kassam (Selena Moon)

Noreen Kassam (Selena Moon)

Selena Moon is the spirit name of Noreen Kassam who has finely tuned her intuitive abilities overtime. Noreen Kassam is an entrepreneur to the bone, she believes in making a difference in the world through: facilitating transformational workshops on becoming aware of the role of energy in our everyday lives, providing an online education space outlining the bridge between spirituality and practicality through her website, and healing through one on one private sessions addressing past lives, chakra alignment, limiting beliefs and self awareness. Noreen is certified as a: Reiki Practitioner, Psychosomatic Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner. Visit: to learn about her services, online memberships, retreats, two day intensive events, and workshops. You can reach Noreen at : Or (647) 828-0131 or @SelenaMoonSpirit


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