We all have a story…

We all have a story…

We all have a story…

Life is a journey that none of us can plan.  We celebrate triumphs in so many ways, but inevitably we face trials and hardships that test us beyond belief. We all have a story…

My name is Laurie Gugliuzzi and this is mine.

April 17, 2008, I remember the call word by word … Get to Sunnybrook Hospital there has been an accident!  I knew at that moment my life had changed. I felt an energy surge go through my body and lift me about 4 inches off my seat!!

I remember slamming through the emergency door, walking into HELL!

My adrenaline was on overdrive, pacing back and forth not knowing what was happening!   45 minutes later which seemed like eternity, a Doctor came out and asked me to sign papers.  This is serious and we need to operate immediately! He gave me no hope, he gave me no life!  What was to follow was 4 days of hell! Draining, emotions on overdrive, exhaustion, sleeping on floors, hiding behind corners and curling up in a ball just to get away from the hundreds of people that were there to say goodbye.

April 21, 2008 it was time.  That morning the sun was shining brighter than ever before and there was a sense of peace all around.  All that was left was turning off the machines.  That was the hardest decision I have ever had to make.  Damn it!!!   Life doesn’t teach us how to deal with this stuff!!

Everyone deals with pain differently and I chose to not deal with mine…forget it about it and it will go away.

I pushed loved ones and friends out of my life because my body and mind were so numb I didn’t want to be around anyone that reminded me of him, and our life together.

I did things I’m not proud of to numb the pain.  I remember very clear sitting on the side of road after a night of drinking, turned my car off and cried until there were no more tears left.  What was I doing I have a beautiful daughter who needs me and I’m going to if not kill myself driving or possibly someone else!

Grief is not something I am good at.  Grieving has been hell and back!!  I found some support you, and some judge you.

Either way it’s my grief and my journey and I have done what I needed to do to get through it.

My healing journey began when I started volunteering in the Intensive Care Unit in Southlake Regional Hospital.  The ability to be there for a family member was the most incredible feeling of giving back I could have ever experienced.  There are no words

to describe being able to be there for a loved one while they are going through their own emotional rollercoaster!  Just being a shoulder to cry on, or just holding their hand maybe gave them 5 mins of peace.  Everybody deals with grief differently and nobody’s is ever the same. Please do not ever judge anyone for how they grieve because it is the only way they know how.

Being in the hospital environment I met the most incredible lady ever and she changed my life forever.  She was in Palliative Care and we became best of friends. I would go visit her and that’s when I learned a lot about someone in Palliative Care.  She taught me more about living than anyone possibly could.  She was one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met.  The last time I saw her we said our goodbyes as I knew her time was coming and one day we would meet again.

I realized then that Palliative Care was something I wanted to pursue.  I took a Palliative Care Course with Hospice allowing me to be involved in a Non-Medical Compassion Care way.

I also have taken a NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis course which is a study on the kinetics between mind (Neuro), language (Linguistic) and how their connection affects our body and behaviour.  Time Line Therapy is the Limiting Beliefs that are holding you back from living your life to the fullest. These techniques have helped me in my healing journey as well as be able to share with others to help them live a more fulfilled life.

My healing journey has not just been an emotionally one but also a Physical one as well.   I was diagnosed with borderline Fibromyalgia 4 years ago and my legs were slowly giving out on me.  I had a hard time walking without pain.  It’s amazing how much we take our health for granted.  I knew if I didn’t get some weight off eventually I wouldn’t be able to walk.  Mid-June a girlfriend of mine introduced me to some amazing products, and I am so excited to share I have lost 33 lbs and 50 inches!  I feel like I’ve lost half of a person!  I have no more pain in my legs, I have so much energy, sleep like a baby,  and my moods are totally balanced and I feel 25 again!!  I have fallen so in love with these products that I decided I had to share it with the world.   Our Products are not just for Weight loss but for Health and Wellness as well.  They are Plant based, Non-Gmo, and Gluten free.

I hear stories daily that bring me to tears of how it has changed their lives.   Migraine free, no longer having anxiety, no more foggy brains, helping with night terrors from PTSD, menopause, being able to run up the stairs when could hardly walk up them.  It’s so incredible I absolutely am totally in love with them.  I know they have changed my life and I am so truly grateful for being able to help change one life at a time.

I have come along way in 8 years; it took me maybe longer than most.   I hardly ever turn the television on, and I surround myself with positive people.   I always listen to inspirational tapes and read a lot of inspirational books!  I am forever grateful for every single thing in my life and everyone in my life.  I thank my beautiful angels constantly for every single little thing whether it be, just being able to wake up in the morning or my cozy bed that I am so lucky to have.

I smile at everyone I pass and I always say something nice to everyone I meet.  Try it, it will change your life. xo

To my beautiful daughter Nichole…

I love you so very much and I am so very sorry you had to go through all this heartbreak and pain at such a young age. You have endured more pain than anyone should ever have to go through.

You have come a long way and your daddy is so proud of his little girl, and is with you always.   You make me smile each and every day and I’m so grateful and proud to have you as my baby girl.   I love you to the moon and back xox

Lots of Love

Laurie Gugliuzzi

Laurie Gugliuzzi

Laurie Gugliuzzi

Laurie is an author, blogger, a certified life coach NLP Practitioner, and now a Health and Wellness Coach. You can find Laurie online with her SNEAK PEEK posts of Facebook.Laurie can be reached at ; laurie_gug@hotmail.com www.facebook.com/LaurieGugliuzzi, www.littlepeaceofmind.ca or at 647-831-2439


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