What is Million Dollar Smiles?


Million Dollar Smiles is a non-profit organization that exists to put smiles on the faces of children facing major challenges in their everyday lives. With every smile given and received, our heart gets a little stronger and in return only brings true happiness.


Million Dollar Smiles offers the opportunity for our community to share a Smile with a child facing life threatening illnesses.  The Smile program offers a 4 foot tall stuffed bear to deliver a bear hug, and each family receives a $100 gift certificate from Toys’R’Us for the sponsored child.


Smiles manage to relieve stress and bring happiness to the heart of both the giver and receiver. Through gift giving and events geared to make available positive energy to those in need, our Program strives to make a difference and provide to the less fortunate with a reason to smile. We do this with the assistance of a sea of volunteers willing to give back to their community.


Your donation to Million Dollar Smiles helps to put a smile on the faces of those who have few opportunities to smile. “You are truly the richest person in the world when you can smile.”


Million Dollar Smiles Background:


Million Dollar Smiles was started in 2005 and we were able to donate to 10 families in the Greater Toronto Area.  The responsiveness of the receiving families has been overwhelming.  As a result, due to the vast success of our Christmas Program, community demand and community need – our target is to donate over  250 Smiles to children in need of an enlightening bear hug.


Investing in your community is a great way to give back to those who have helped support your business.  Non-profit organizations have the propensity to enrich your community, but they can’t do it alone.  As successful members of the community, we all have the responsibility to help those that are less fortunate than us.   Giving back to the community with your money or time, results in a feeling of connectedness and the satisfaction of making the world a better place.


Million Dollar Smiles seized the opportunity to make a difference in the community during the Christmas season – but people are facing adversity in their lives all year round.  The vast success of the Smile Program thus far provided families with the hope which was stripped from them, and propelled the non-profit group to expand their offerings in an effort to reach more families in need in our community.  Million Dollar Smiles is motivated to make a positive impact on families faced with great adversity – and the results thus far have cemented our dedication to the community.


How you can help people in need in your community:


In this era corporations are expected to embrace their corporate social awareness and their associated impact upon their community.  Million Dollar Smiles offers corporations a proactive approach to promote the growth and development of their community.  Giving back to your community also represents a good marketing opportunity for corporations by providing:

Tangible benefit to the public which supports your corporation.

Helps build your community.

Great Public Relation for the corporation.

Strengthens the corporation’s brand.

Differentiate your corporation from your competition.

Networking within the community exposes your corporation to people who might not run in your corporation’s industry circles.

For corporations who previously demonstrated social awareness, the default activity was a donation to a charity or sponsoring of impoverished families abroad.  Million Dollar Smiles assures your corporation’s contributions will reward a family in need in their own community.  Million Dollar Smiles offers their Christmas Program, where a corporation is offered the unique opportunity to can break the stale pattern of superfluous corporate Christmas gifts for their clientele.  Instead corporations can offer their clients the chance to see the impact a donation to Million Dollar Smiles had on an underprivileged child in their community.  Your donation of a Smile on behalf of your client will result in that client receiving a personalized thank you card from the child and a picture with the bear.


Million Dollar Smiles is attempting to fuel their expansion via negotiations with Toys’R’Us and Wal-Mart for the opportunity to sponsor the Bear Hug program and donate teddy bears.


Something to smile about:


In today’s fast paced world, people are preoccupied with their careers, family and extracurricular activities that they often forget to appreciate the simple things in life.  However some unfortunate people do not have the luxury of time to take things for granted – and a simple hug, or a simple smile helps ease their pain.  Million Dollar Smiles is reaching out to children and adults that are in need of some smiles to warm their hearts.  By donating through our Sponsorship Program, all the money raised will go toward the Bear Hug Program.


With your help, Million Dollar Smiles will deliver 250 Bear Hugs to the families within our community.  A family in need of enriched spirits will be chosen to receive a Bear Hug and volunteers will spend time offering their contributions to make a family forget about their adversity for an afternoon and beyond.


Please help us in the helping of others.  Please Contact Anna Lopes for more Information at 416.566-0554 or   Or visit our website for further information –