UUA – UnleashUrAwesome.com is a pilot project by Rita Aldo Rasi the founder and editor –in-chief of Mavensmag which is a multimedia business and lifestyle platform  serving  to inspire, challenge and showcase


Rita Aldo Rasi is the Founder of the Unleash Ur Awesome Project and is wildly passionate about changing the world by bringing deeper levels of awareness and transformation training and awareness into the main stream media.


Rita grew up the daughter of an Entrepreneur mother who learned early on, that giving back is just as important as making a living and that working smart is just as important as working hard.


Rita has spent the last 26 months traveling the globe learning and training with many  spiritual and wellness mentors at many events, retreats and courses helping people to delve into greater levels of self-awareness most notably:


Her drive, determination and passion has always been  to inspire, challenge and inform individuals to not only change the way they think, but to educate while walking them outside of their usual comfort zone and regular thought process and/ or pattern.


Thru many of Rita’s travels she has noted that most people and cultures all speak of Humanity as a whole. Regardless of age, culture, religion or race  we all speak of compassion of Humanity.


Although our beliefs seem to truly divide us, it is in our values that unite us.


Many religious leaders have gathered over the years  and agree that regardless of the political landscape and the constraints of many of our belief systems we all aim for one simple view and goal that unites us all which is the  compassion for Humanity.


It is in our divine compassion for humanity it pushes us each to push forward and be the best that we can be.


Join Rita in pushing thru varying opinions, the politically correct protocols and the naysayers and Unleash Ur Awesome today.


Are you up for the challenge?


Reach out and see those who have already started the path.


~Rita Aldo Rasi