Tis the season……

Tis the season……

Tis the season……

Tis the season to be merry……. hmm I mean to be ready!

What does being merry have to do with an action-packed, gathering filled and highly social time of year? Well to be ready for different gatherings, to have food ready, outfits arrange all takes time and preparation.

So how do you enjoy the season without completely losing it? I would say breath in deeply, and remember the time as a child that the Holiday season would bring such happiness, anticipation, and excitement.

For many, the fall months are a time of long hours at the office, too much to do and horrible diets given all that is available.

Do you ever wonder where all the chocolate comes from? And the magnitude of chocolate and sweet treats that hit the retail markets is completely insane. This is a definite contrast from the relaxing and soothing summer months that we easily slip into.

Here are few tips to share and ponder.

Be Mindful 

Don’t allow others to stress you out. This will also not allow others to feed off your un-necessary tension and stress within your home but will stop the perpetual stress talk of the season. Focus on the happiness and time of giving for the season.  If all is calm, cool, and somewhat controlled you will find that most people will be stress-free, and the focus would become based on the true essence of the season. Being mindful of the true meaning of giving is where we can be most compassionate and appreciative of others. Reaching out to others thru donations, charity, and time to give your assistance is always welcome. Think of what charity, or cause you can assist, or donate time or funds to that are less fortunate than yourself.

Get Some Help 

Instead of trying to do everything, share the duties. Allow others the benefit of helping and sharing the glory of whatever task or tasks you are over loaded with. While cooking, cleaning and shopping can be fun it is more than enough added to the everyday duties.

Be realistic and give yourself a break, try to get help wherever possible and take generous offers, guilt-free, and use the time to get caught u. Take the time to reach out to friends, or neighbor’s as now is the time to take up friends and family on their offers of support.

Make time to Relax and Pamper yourself 

Most would say I’m crazy, but ideally if this is the most active time of year with parties, and gathering’s  is the best time to relax and pamper yourself is NOW!  Take time for yourself to take care of your nails, go for a haircut, pick out a few awesome outfits so you can not only feel your best but you can feel your best. Time to shine bright and spread the cheer, so why not do that in a feeling of awesomeness?

Regardless if you fit into a particular religious holiday celebration, or a seasonal appreciation it is so important to be present in your life and to enjoy.

Be bold, live large and be present to enjoy the season….


Rita Aldo Rasi

Rita Aldo Rasi

Rita is an Education Instructor, Trainer, Author, Blogger, NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, Mother and student of life, specializing in Spirituality, Wellness and Strategic Transformational Growth in Mind, Body and Soul. Rita was European trained in the beauty and cosmeceutical industries where she taught Advanced Aesthetics, Aromatherapy, Body Therapy, Wellness and Medical Aesthetics while focusing on inventive health and naturopathic wellness as well as being a Certified Spiritual Coach, As the founder and CEO of Girltalk Enterprises Inc. (2009), Rita runs her online magazine –Mavensmag, her life coaching practice, and her pet charity project unleashurawesome as well as her “Reawaken the Spirit Warrior” book and courses #spiritwarrior. You can reach Rita at: info@mavensmag.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Website:www.mavensmag.com Twitter: @mavensmag Instagram: @mavensmag


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