She is…..

She is…..

She is…..

You are, perhaps the most magnificent creation to ever exist on this planet.  Without a doubt, the mechanics that act as the building blocks to your very existence are some of the most miraculous elements to ever pay homage to. The essence that you exude as a primary contributor to all things that have been gifted the preciousness of this experience that we call life, comes from you.  This means that you hold, within your mind, body, and soul, the same magic and the same splendor as our beloved mother earth.  It is because of you that life exists.  You are the catalyst that creates all living things.  You are one-half of a whole that is known as humanity.  You are a woman, I am a man, and together, through the phenomenal co-creation that permits us to endeavour into the sacred act of sexual intercourse, you and I, him and her, us and them, are co-contributors to the creation process that reproduces life, and enables us to experience our spirituality through our physical existence.

It is because of you, the beloved women in our lives, that men know where to look, to search for examples of strength, resilience, and grace.  It is because of you that children know the feeling of being nurtured and cared for.  It is because of you that determined efforts lead to achievements.  It is because of you that desire exists.  You are, have been, and will always be, the ultimate source of inspiration for all mankind.

The exceptional consciousness that you naturally embody through the actuality of expressing the characteristics of the female polarity, are the sources that exemplify what inner power truly looks like.  The word beautiful, although often used to describe you, just doesn’t do you justice.  Gorgeous, divine, fascinating, and courageous suits you much better.  You are these labels, and many more.

To those of you that are wondering how to identify these women in your life, know this:

You probably call her mom.  You probably know her as one of your sisters. You’ve probably acknowledged her as one of your best friends.
She is
She is
She is

She is bold, brave, and outspoken. She wears her heart on her sleeve, unafraid to bare it all. She is raw and from her flows life.  She is a warrior goddess that exudes intelligence and infinite possibility.  She is perfectly imperfect; a genuine source of expression and creativity.  She is the embodiment of light.  She is openness, mysticism, and power.  She is brave, elegant, and electric.  She is magical and enchanting.  She is strong.  She is a fighter.

She is the wind that breezes through our sky’s.  She is caring, compassionate, saucy, and sexy.  She is wild, ethereal, and versatile.  She is disciplined and contained, yet powerfully free.

She is my equal, and there is nothing in this world that can ever justify her being any less than I. Her imagination taps into source through a channel of prosperity that only becomes available to feminine energy.  Within her soul, she holds the key fundamentals that encourage the manifestation of miracles.

She is a creator, a source to life, a vibrant and brilliant symbol of resilience and hope.  She is a beacon of healing who is learning to shine for herself first.  She is a receptive and empathetic confidante who is learning to honour her emotions.  She is relearning all of the ways she forgot how to empower herself.   She is a student, a friend, and a lady.

She is an unshakeable force of love that knows the depths of weakness. Therefore, she is strength. She knows the depths of sadness therefore she is happiness. She knows the depths of scarcity, and therefore she is her own fountain of abundance. She is anything she desires to be.

She dazzles the man that she’s allowed herself to be loved by and empowers the women that consider her a leader.  She is a force of fierceness when she has to protect herself and all that she loves.  She is an artist that creates out of intention and she shines as bright as the stars that light up our night sky.

She is a sister, a mother, and wife. She is the source to her legacy. She is who she chooses to be.

She is appreciated.

She is I and I am her.

She is gratitude embraced.

She is love, laughter, and liberty.

She is and has been acknowledged.

You are, the most magnificent creation to ever exist on our planet.

Smile, you deserve it.

Marcos Mendosa

Marcos Mendosa

Marcos is living his life as a creative mind that uses his passions to create customized soundtracks of people's lives through his company, LifeStream Soundtracks. Marcos and his team are committed to creating the soundtrack of people's lives by using animation, audio engineering, music, and literacy. LifeStream Soundtracks has become the ultimate form of expression for Marcos. He has truly discovered a niche that exemplifies his character to the utmost. Creating The Soundtrack Of Your Life Marcos Mendosa - Founder


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