This month we are pleased to announce the review of my soul sister Carol Starr Taylor’s new book:

Life in Pieces: From Chaos to Clarity

Have you ever felt STUCK? Stuck spinning your wheels, searching for happiness, love, money or purpose?

Have you ever felt as though you were moving through life on auto-pilot, seeing with no vision, hearing without listening, tasting without savoring, touching without connection? Carol did. Many times throughout her life only to come through it all on the other side to find her truth and embrace her PERFECT IMPERFECTION.

In ‘Life In Pieces’, Carol gives you a glimpse into the moments, the experiences that have shaped who she is as she candidly shares the valuable learnings, and the love she has found within herself and the courageous life she leads today.

Secrets, lies, and trauma make us sick; afraid we will forever be broken. Carol Starr Taylor shares her life with such courage and vulnerability that it liberates the rest of us to look within, to speak our truth, and to know that our own lives matter so very much. “Life In Pieces” is a monumental read

Crystal Andrus Morissette

Best-Selling Author, Emotional Age and Communication Expert, Learn More


Brutally honest and beautifully written, Carol’s story both shocks and enlightens. To find grace in dark places and transmute demons into angels is truly remarkable. It doesn’t matter what your situation is, this book will find a way to inspire you.

Laura Bilotta

Matchmaker, Dating Coach, Learn More


Life in Pieces -From Chaos to Clarity takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride that, ironically enough, you don’t want it to end. Carol is to be applauded for sharing her raw and authentic life story that at times is difficult to read. As a reader, you take the journey from chaos to clarity with her, and you realize at the end of the book, you just made a friend for life. Whether you ever meet Carol or not, you KNOW her. Truly KNOW her.

Elvira Caria

Radio Personality, Learn More


Sharing her intensely personal journey full of heartbreak and trauma, Carol Starr Taylor has given a selfless gift full of wisdom, love and support.

Todd Miller

Program Director, Listen UP! Talk Radio, Learn More


Carol Starr Taylor is an Author, Certified Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Business Consultant, NLP Practitioner | Time Line Therapy Practitioner | Hypnotherapist | NLP Coach and the Founder of The Travelling Sisterhood.

She received her Honors Bachelor of Arts, with a specialty in Mass Communications. She has had numerous appearances over the years, on Radio, TV, and in articles.

Carol has been Life Coaching and Consulting, both Men and Women, for personal, professional and business development. She founded The Travelling Sisterhood, a growing Global community of heart-centered Women to inspire and connect Women without exclusion. Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe.

As a 30-year entrepreneurial veteran herself, she has advised clients, in the areas of motivation, life transformation, relationships, sales training, personal goal setting, and empowerment.  Carol is an inspirational and motivational speaker, conducts workshops, creates conferences on a variety of topics including: building a community, personal and business networking, personal relationships and sex, dating after divorce, how to manifest change, self esteem, self worth, self love, how to create your diamond life, Dare To Dream Big, and more.  Her particular passion is to ignite, inspire and create experiences to facilitate personal growth of others within themselves and with each other. Carol is the owner of Live It Up Now and can be reached at