The word Maven is derived from the Yiddish word meyvn, meaning “one who understands” or “the accumulator of knowledge.”

Often Mavens are the people that you turn to, as experts in a particular field with the kind of expertise that comes with an accumulation of knowledge over many years.

These Mavens have studied and practised for many years honing their craft and have enlisted many hours of reading, studying, and practicing their talent in their related field.

To a Maven our Haven or sacred place would be our Library or resource  of go to information. So it is only fitting that our Mavens Haven would be our library of resources of treasured books that we hold dear and often re-read to reap additional understanding, new meanings or to simply enhance our knowledge of an existing chapter or story.

Welcome to our Mavens Haven!

Below we have enclosed some of our most beloved books, some new, some old, some tried, tested and true that we hold dear in our hearts and in our minds.