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Become part of a collective platform of experienced heart-centered, and conscious Entrepreneurs and Light workers and Mavens of their related fields.

All programs are tax deductible and can be written as a Marketing and advertising deduction.

Become part of a growing collective voice of business owners that want to not only give back to the communities but to expand the thought process and understanding of their related field.

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How to Join:

It’s free and easy to join our program as long as you meet the criteria.

Must have your own online website, business, product and/or service.

Must be able to write an informative blog and/or article with interesting content.

Must be a “Maven “in your related industry of business.

This is an exciting opportunity to partner with us on our online media platform to broaden your social media reach and growth potential, to unleash your awesome!

All contributors are asked to send in their articles/blogs via email or WordPress portal along with their photo and bio.

Contributors are also able to advertise and utilize some of the other MM programs at a discount.

You can join by emailing Rita at or

2016-2017 Contributor listing

April Taylor

Carol Starr Taylor

Dr. Tony Ortega

Kerissa Kuis

Marianne Vicelich

Sheri Matthews

Dr. Tiffany Nath

T Lisa Graham

Jenn Leigh

Tracey McLeod

Laurie Gugliuzzi

Anna Lopes

Noreen Kassam

Denise Marinacci

Elizabeth April

Marcos Mendosa

Iman Gatti

Serena Carcasole

Rita Aldo Rasi