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Increase your audience.

Become part of a collective platform of experienced heart-centered, and conscious Entrepreneurs and Light workers and Mavens of their related fields.

All programs are tax deductible and can be written as a Marketing and advertising deduction.

Become part of a growing collective voice of business owners that want to not only give back to the world and communities around them  but to expand the thought process and understanding of their related field.

Increase your website traffic

Promote your brand, product, services, event and/or charity

Increase your product and brand awareness

Multi-level marketing, in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

200K reach of audience.

Become an Affiliate!

How to join:
It’s easy to join our program as long as you meet the criteria.

Must have your own online website, business, product and/or service.

Must be able to write an informative blog and/or article with interesting content.

Must be a “Maven “in your related industry of business.

Must also be in the contributor program.

This is an exciting opportunity to partner with us on our online media platform to broaden your social media reach and growth potential, to unleash your awesome!

All affiliates are also contributors and are asked to send in their articles/blogs via email or WordPress portal along with their photo and bio.

Affiliates will outline their quarterly ads, promotions, and product launches and events/ retreats to properly cross promo within the Mavensmag medium.

Affiliates will be given opportunities to join in other media avenues such as TV Shows, Radio and Live Web streams and Pod Casts to expand their reach.

Affiliates will be given discounts and promotional costs to all other products and/or services of other Affiliates and contributor programs. Cross promotions are encourages for multiple benefits.

This program does have an annual cost which is tax deductible as a marketing and advertising cost. You can join by emailing your application to Rita at or

2016-2017 Affiliates

Carol Starr Taylor

Carol Starr Taylor is an author, certified life coach, inspirational speaker, business consultant, NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapy Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, NLP Coach, and the founder of The Travelling Sisterhood. Carol has been life coaching and consulting, both men and women, for personal, professional, and business development. She founded The Travelling Sisterhood, a growing global community of heart-centered women to inspire and connect women without exclusion. Your vibe attracts your tribe. Her particular passion is to ignite, inspire, and create experiences to facilitate personal growth of others within themselves and with each other.

You can contact Carol go to

April Taylor

April is an Inspirational Global Ambassador, Inspirational Speaker, International Travel Blogger and Certified Reiki Master.

April boasts a large spectrum of Inspirational topics including: The Law of Attraction, Manifesting, Public Speaking, Releasing Fears, Reclaiming Your Power and is certified to teach Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles Workshops. She is continuously growing her portfolio and product line which currently includes a fabulous line of T-shirts with her personal tag line and trademark: Be Love Be Light Be Guided By Angels ™ Contact April at:

Email: note@lovenotesbyapril

Instagram: lovenotesbyapril

Noreen Kassam ( Selena Moon)

Selena Moon is the spirit name of Noreen Kassam who has finely tuned her intuitive abilities overtime. Noreen Kassam is an entrepreneur to the bone, she believes in making a difference in the world through: facilitating transformational workshops on becoming aware of the role of energy in our everyday lives, providing an online education space outlining the bridge between spirituality and practicality through her website, and healing through one on one private sessions addressing past lives, chakra alignment, limiting beliefs and self awareness. Noreen is certified as a: Reiki Practitioner, Psychosomatic Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner.
Visit: to learn about her services, online memberships, retreats, two day intensive events, and workshops.

You can reach Noreen at : Or  (647) 828-0131 or   @SelenaMoonSpirit