If you are like most people when you hear the word Hypnosis you think of fairs, being made to cluck like a chicken, or being under someone’s control.

Well girlie, that is so not what this is about. Sure I can make you do all that and see an invisible rabbit, btw that is a great party trick, but I am more interested in the healing benefits of hypnosis.

Have you ever wondered why you keep doing the same thing over and over even when you know darn well that you are sabotaging yourself?

Hypnosis has been used to help people stop smoking, lose weight, overcome phobias, childbirth, and just gain better insights into themselves.

When I am working with clients I use a variety of techniques to help them get into a trance state. A trance state is simply a deeply relaxed, yet focused state of consciousness. We all go in and out of trance states all the time. If you have ever been driving and arrived at your destination and not really remember every point along the way, or been deep in thought and lost track of time, or “been in the zone”?

That is a trance state. The difference is I help my clients do that on purpose. When you are in a trance state you are more open to ideas and images that you want to work on. In trance you are at ease physically, and yet fully alert mentally.

Your conscious mind, think of that part of the brain that is always chattering at you, becomes more still and your unconscious mind becomes more focused. I like to tell my clients that it allows you to get out of your own way. You are more able to tap into that higher part of yourself that knows exactly what you need to do. Being in this state allows you to work on things that are important to you without all the self-talk that gets in the way of real change.

Hypnosis is used for trauma work, sleep disturbance, anxiety, pain management, childbirth, unhealthy body image, and so much more.

I have used it with clients that want to get clarity before they make a major life change or just explore who they are. These are just a few topics that hypnosis can help with.

Hypnosis is a therapeutic technique that I use in my office every week.

If you are interested in learning more bout hypnosis, I would encourage you to find a qualified and trained professional to work with.

Unless you are down with clucking like a chicken ;0)

Dr. Tiffany Nath

Tiffany Nath is a Marriage and Family therapist who inspires individuals to live a bold life! She believes that fun and play should be a part of your daily life. In her practice, Tiffany cultivates an open and collaborative relationship with her clients that allow them to find and embrace the aspects of themselves that are only unique to them and to not have to fit into anyone’s box. She uses her own life experience and absolute love and passion for psychology to always provide her clients with the most relevant and up to date information. When Tiffany is not working at what she believes to be the coolest job ever, she enjoys going to Comic Con, roller derby and riding around in classic cars. Tiffany received her Master’s Degree in Psychology with and emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy degree at University of San Francisco. Tiffany also teaches at California State University Stanislaus in the Psychology Department as an adjunct faculty member. You can reach Tiffany at tiffanynath@tiffanynath.com or at 209-567-3111 Website: www.tiffanynath.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/tiffanydnathlmft/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TiffanyNath Instagram: www.instagram.com/tiffanynathlmft/


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