Reclaim your Spirit

Reclaim your Spirit

Reclaim your Spirit

Reclaim Your Spirit

Time and time again we struggle in certain aspects of our lives, and we enter a world of darkness where things start to feel gloomy – our favorite foods lose their flavor, we lose interest in what the people around us are talking about, even our most treasured books turn into empty words written on a page – our favorite songs suddenly become background noise that no longer bring us pleasure – our pets act as a nuisance, our families become annoying, our passion towards our work starts to fade, and our life just doesn’t seem to amount to enough.

You feel empty. Jaded. Alienated. Secluded. Indifferent. Useless. Disappointed.

Something is definitely missing, can you guess what it is?


You left your spirit behind. Maybe you gave it away to someone in a heated argument, or threw it into your bank account when you looked at your balance, or left it to sit patiently on the street for someone “more worthy” to pick up.


Your spirit is what guides you, takes you through the excitement of life, it exists in your taste buds when you consume your favorite dishes, it senses the vibrations of the sound energy in your favorite tunes, it allows you to see you pet as another valuable and precious soul, and your family as an important piece of your life puzzle. The words written in your most admired books mean nothing without your spirit. Your spirit is necessary for you to enjoy your relationships, your jobs, your interactions, your everything.

So how do you reclaim your spirit?

Figure out where you left it. Is it sitting in a pile of work at your office? Did it go down in a rough conversation with your boss? Was there a wardrobe malfunction while you were walking the runway? Take a deep breath and let all the negativity exit your body, so your spirit can re-enter.
Start welcoming your essence back into your body – invite it to dinner, invite it to sleep, invite it
back completely to your life. Love it, recognize its importance, and experience it knowing that it is so uniquely yours – and it wants to be a part of YOU every step of the way. Now how do you feel?
Now its time to laugh, play, find the gratitude in everything – even if its the color of your breakfast plate!!

Everything around you is meant to bring you to a place of joy – all you need to do is get your spirit glasses on.
With love for all spirits! Selena Moon

The Selena Moon Project


Noreen Kassam (Selena Moon)

Noreen Kassam (Selena Moon)

Selena Moon is the spirit name of Noreen Kassam who has finely tuned her intuitive abilities overtime. Noreen Kassam is an entrepreneur to the bone, she believes in making a difference in the world through: facilitating transformational workshops on becoming aware of the role of energy in our everyday lives, providing an online education space outlining the bridge between spirituality and practicality through her website, and healing through one on one private sessions addressing past lives, chakra alignment, limiting beliefs and self awareness. Noreen is certified as a: Reiki Practitioner, Psychosomatic Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner. Visit: to learn about her services, online memberships, retreats, two day intensive events, and workshops. You can reach Noreen at : Or (647) 828-0131 or @SelenaMoonSpirit


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