Ego Undercover – 3 Statements Ego Makes, We Can Learn From

Ego Undercover – 3 Statements Ego Makes, We Can Learn From

Ego Undercover – 3 Statements Ego Makes, We Can Learn From

The Ego is often the villain in many stories. A lot of time and effort has been put into running the ego “out of town” like an old western movie. What would happen if we turned the tables and learned from our ego?  Who is willing to step up with questions we turn on our self to further expand our awesome and scope of understanding? What if what the ego was telling us is not the verdict, but rather a clue? Are you ready to investigate further?

  1. Ego says, “I don’t need anyone”.

Interview replies, “That’s great, we are often raised to be independent so congratulations on this accomplishment. Just a couple questions if I may, “What does needing something mean to you”?   And if you need something, what does that then say about you? While independence is admirable are you open to expanding options with interdependence? Oh and just 1 more question, in my best Matlock voice ever, “When did you decide it wasn’t safe to trust others”?

Sit with the answers that rise up and embrace the clarity. Not all beliefs we have hiding in us are”true” and often come from generalizations over time. Feel free to throw out the ones that don’t serve and support your greatest self.

  1. Ego says, “They did this to me”.

Interviewer replies, “I see, that must have been very challenging for you. In your “choosing” to see it this way, what does that then do for you? If I were to ask the other person or the “they” what you did to them, what would they say”?

There is typically a payoff or pattern for how we “choose” to see things, understanding what this is, is so powerful in loosening the knot of problem, IF we want to actually loosen it.

  1. Ego says, “I already know this”.

Interviewer replies, “It’s true, you do know a lot and is it possible you can still learn more while maintaining and building your obvious knowledge on the subject? When you were young, at what age did you decide “all must be known”? The fact that you can learn more, what does this say/suggest about you”?

It’s very natural and human to decide when we reach “this age” we will know everything. We get this often from being inspired by someone at an early age who we believed knew everything and so the bar is set. Many of us will be students for life and others will not. Know this is your choice and your power and the “best choice” is the one that is right for you.

In every statement the ego makes lies immense opportunity for us to learn. Flip the statement, look inside and be open to the expansion that ego inspires. The ego is nothing more than a line of defense/firewall for your operating system that “believes” it is trying to protect you. Let’s not pass verdict based on the story ego so passionately and charismatically tells us. Always ask more questions, look for “actual evidence and facts”. “Mights, Shoulds and Ifs” are not solid witnesses and therefore inadmissible. Things may come up that surprise you, be as kind to you as you would your best friend and remember, it’s simply a side effect of being human. You are awesome. Case Closed.

Tracey McLeod

Tracey McLeod

Tracey boasts a unique blend of 20+ years in all aspects of Media and sales and is the author of Construction Zone for Women 40+. A Master NLP Practitioner and Instructor of Hypnotherapy, Speaker, Trainer and Life Coach, Tracey specializes in beliefs systems, and is passionate about everyone finding their true voice. Her favourite mantra is, "Lock Arms and Rise Together." You can reach Tracey at :


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