Message form the Editor and Founder

Our mission is to inform, educate, empower and advocate for people and communities to recognize and unleash their true potential through transformational insight and a reawakened understanding. ~ Mavenmag

Rita Aldo Rasi is the Founder and Editor –In-Chief of and, a multimedia business and lifestyle platform serving to inspire, challenge and showcase the many talents of her collective voice of Mavens thru her company Girl Talk Enterprises Inc.

Her drive and passion is based thru her love of knowledge and education. In this she has continually grown her network of  Mavens not only inspire many but to expand your thought process thru education, while walking them outside of their usual comfort zone to truly expand and realize their true potential. Sticking true to her calling as an educator Rita is a constant student building her repertoire of specialties to expand herself and those around her as well. Her motto is Knowledge is powerful, Action is the catalyst.


Aspire to expand your knowledge, boldly expand your boundaries and unleash the colorful reality of your dreams with love and compassion ~Rita Aldo Rasi


Rita Aldo Rasi
Founder and EIC of and
Author- Dynamo Book 2 Series, Reawaken the Spirit Warrior
Blogger, NLP Practitioner,and a Strategic Life Coach.