5 Ways to Finding the Silence within

5 Ways to Finding the Silence within

5 Ways to Finding the Silence within

For as long as I can remember, I had heard the old adage that baby’s  grow best while they slept.

Once they had woken they always seemed fuller, happier and even found them to look rested and more content.

It is in this time of mental, emotional and physical rest that body is able to regenerate and grow.


The analogy of Silence works very much on the same principles, but is unfortunately proving to be a talentless utilized in our daily lives, yet more highly required.

In today’s knowledge seeking society where TV, Radio, Apps Internet, and Social media have become so prominent in our daily interactions.

Each and every waking moment is driven in one form or another with media or white noise that some have truly forgotten how to truly be silent and to listen.


It has always been said that you can never get in trouble with listening, but to listen to the absolute silence is in that a talent in itself.

It is in the words that are not said that a lot can be told. To be still and listen to the world, your inner thoughts and to the divine has definitely become an art.

To still the body, mind and soul is to reach a place of maturity mentally to become one with yourself to allow your mind to be free and to shut out and shut off the white noise.

Unfortunately, for many of us we associate ourselves and our sense of self to our thoughts, our Ego. Our Ego-drive thoughts tell us that having an empty mind is death, or worse ignorance.

To be true to our nature is to go beyond our daily thoughts. Silence allows you to in tune with who you are, who you were and who you want to be. Those who have the courage to truly look within themselves are able to constantly explore, to go deeper and deeper into your true being.

Here are a few sure ways to infuse your life with some much-required silence:

1) Go to a park, and enjoy nature around you, enjoy nature in its silent communion. Experience being in a timeless space that is not only blissful but joyous, where no ambition, anxiety or fear is present.

2) Disconnect from Social Media for a week, detoxify your mind and your soul and find out how much more time you have for the little things in life. Although this sounds fundamentally easy, for most this is almost a form of dying as some live by the activity of social media via their phones.


3) Try Meditation, for a change of pace. This is not for everyone but will give you the true essence of silence and how powerful this is. Try meditating in small intervals at a time and grow to extending your time.


4) Participate in a yoga class. Allow yourself to embrace the mental, emotional and physical benefits from this time old tradition that has benefited many to this very day.


5) Arrange a retreat without TV, Cell phones, Radios, and any form of social media. This can be as simple as going to the cottage with no media permitted. Allow nature to envelop you.


Although unplugging we and finding the silence within our busy lives may prove difficult here are a few of the benefits that may be able to entice you:

  • lowered blood pressure and hypertension
  • Slower heart rate
  • decreases cholesterol levels
  • reduced production of “stress hormones,” including cortisol and adrenaline
  • More efficient oxygen use by the body
  • increased production of the anti-aging hormone DHEA
  • improved immune function –

The fact that life is constantly evolving, and is dynamically new each day as nothing is ever repeated that should entice us to become in tune with our inner selves.

Therefore as silence becomes integrated into your way of life, you will change automatically, as you are aligning into your life and true essence of being.

Inspire yourself to discover the divine peace and silence within your mind.

Sat Nam!


Rita Aldo Rasi

Rita Aldo Rasi

Rita is an Education Instructor, Trainer, Author, Blogger, NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, Mother and student of life, specializing in Spirituality, Wellness and Strategic Transformational Growth in Mind, Body and Soul. Rita was European trained in the beauty and cosmeceutical industries where she taught Advanced Aesthetics, Aromatherapy, Body Therapy, Wellness and Medical Aesthetics while focusing on inventive health and naturopathic wellness as well as being a Certified Spiritual Coach, As the founder and CEO of Girltalk Enterprises Inc. (2009), Rita runs her online magazine –Mavensmag, her life coaching practice, and her pet charity project unleashurawesome as well as her “Reawaken the Spirit Warrior” book and courses #spiritwarrior. You can reach Rita at: info@mavensmag.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Website:www.mavensmag.com Twitter: @mavensmag Instagram: @mavensmag


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