3 Steps to Overcome Financial Chaos

3 Steps to Overcome Financial Chaos

3 Steps to Overcome Financial Chaos

Are you in a dark space financially? Perhaps even hiding from creditors and bankers? If you’re feeling money fear and anxiety creeping into your thoughts day and night, I can show you how to banish your fear. It’s not easy but it is effective.

Follow these steps to stability and tranquility.

1. Sit still and consciously think about your financial situation. Close your eyes and slowly let go of the fear and avoidance. What emotions come up first for you? Let yourself feel the different emotions as they wave over you. It’s important to identify each emotion as it comes up without forcing any specific one.

When you keep yourself distracted with task after task, so busy you are not conscious about what’s really going on with your money, you’re cheating yourself from a grown up life.

2. Now is the time to get CLEAR that your money is not you and you are not your money. But, and this is a HUGE but, it feels like it is. Slow your thoughts down and pinpoint how old are you in your earliest money memories. Stay in the moment and label where it’s showing up in your body. Oftentimes our emotions have a physical component too. It’s important to recognize which body part they are affecting for you.

3. What are you telling yourself about:

Your Income

Your Bills & Debts

Your Spending Habits

Your Self-respect

Your Weight & Health

Many people, especially women, hide from their money issues. It’s an uncomfortable and often painful topic that is frequently misunderstood. We bring all of the false beliefs, untruths, and misinformation about money, finances, wealth, and success from childhood with us.

Perhaps you heard some of these beliefs from family, friends, teachers, society:

  • Rich people are snob
  • Money is the root of all evil
  • Women aren’t good with numbers

Come into your own power. Taking responsibility for everything means you’re in the power seat. You own it.

Free will means that you make the choices that are best for you. No one is pulling your puppet strings but you. Sure random acts of kindness, meanness, and everything in-between will happen but we still get to decide how we act and react. That’s free will.

If you decide to stay stuck and hide under the covers every time the phone rings or the mail is delivered you’ll have never fully be a grown woman.

Follow these steps to a more relaxed attitude about your finances.

Repeat these steps every 30 days or so until your comfortable level is at the highest peak especially when you are making new financial choices. Once you get a more relaxed attitude, you’ll wonder what the big deal was all about.

What beliefs are holding you back? Take a step; the first step to your financial freedom.

Denise Marinacci

Denise Marinacci

Denise Marinacci is a Life Changer, and uses several methods to shift the view of your life. We all have painful experiences but it’s how we view them that keeps us either stuck where we are or motivated to change. Denise was able to heal old emotional wounds from living with family with substance abuse addictions. The financial, physical, and emotional pain and shame kept her from living the life she desired. As a certified Spirit Junkie instructor, Denise is teaching what she’s been preaching – when you change your view, you change your life. You can reach Denise at : www.facebook.com/DeniseMarinacci


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